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Keep your cleaning appointments to avoid "deep cleanings"!

By Ruxandra Preda DDS

Your dentist office called to remind you of your next cleaning or Hygiene appointment you booked almost 6 months ago when you had your last cleaning. You totally forgot about this appointment (that card they gave you is somewhere in your car or at home with all the junk mail) and you look at your calendar and realize you can't make it. How often does this happen? Pretty often, considering how many Patients miss their dental cleaning appointment... (Read More)

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How does dental insurance work?

By Ruxandra Preda DDS

Most people get their dental insurance through their employers, together with their medical insurance. PPO dental plans are relatively inexpensive and they usually cover your cleanings and basic preventive procedures. They also cover part of your bigger treatments, like crowns or even implants. Most dental PPO insurance plans have a maximum of $1500 per year... (Read More)

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What is preventive care?

The skinny? Preventive healthcare (or prophylaxis) refers to measures taken to prevent illnesses or diseases, as opposed to treating them. That is because cavities, and oral health problems begin way before individuals realize they are affected. That's why if you miss your regular cleanings you might need a deep cleaning, which is way more expensive and not covered by insurance! All that for missing a 1 hour visit with a Hygienist every 6 months or so! (Read More)

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The health and looks of your teeth and the perceived social status

Good teeth have always been an indicator of good hygiene and health, but lately it's also an indicator of how wealthy you might be. Recent studies even show that bad teeth might hamper social mobility or status for certain people as rising healthcare costs directly affect people and how they have access to dental treatment or orthodontists or if they would pay for cosmetic dentistry...(Read More)

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How to get whiter teeth ?

Our teeth naturally lose their white color as we age, from external influences such as coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, caramel color, chocolate, smoking etc. a teeth whitening procedure will have a lot of cosmetic and medical benefits for your teeth, but not only that. The increased awareness for a healthy smile rapidly changes your hygiene habits for the better! As a result, Patients generally have significant improvements in oral and systemic health just from whitening their teeth! Having your teeth whitened makes you feel good, it's like wearing a great outfit or a wonderful accessory! (Read More)

Turn The Tide

Turn The Tide on Opioids

There is a wave of reducing the prescriptions for opioids recently and that's a good thing! We signed the pledge to #TurnTheTide on opioids on, a site supported by the Surgeon General, Cigna and other big names. You know there is something going on and there is a better chance to make things happen when the big hats get involved. (Read More)

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Clean your tongue

The tongue harbors bacteria and food particles trapped under a thin layer of mucus. Remove this odor-causing buildup by using a small dab of toothpaste and carefully brushing the top of the tongue. Start by reaching to the back of the tongue, and then work toward the front. Make sure you brush the entire surface of the tongue using gentle pressure and finish by rinsing with water.(Read More)

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Pictures are proof that we were "there", that we had a great time with our friends, proof that we are happy and enjoying life to the max! That's why we started taking selfies, because they were instant and reflected our happiness in that moment! That's how Instagram popped up, then SnapChat and all the filters that made us look funny and put a smile on everyone's faces! (Read More)

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