Implants look and feel like real teeth

But They are permanent

Dental Implants
Can you tell the difference between real teeth and Dental Implants? They both look great but implants are permanent!
Precision Dental Implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth, they are the modern tooth replacement solution. For over 30 years, Dental Implants have brought naturally beautiful, confident smiles to Patients. Ultimately, Dental Implants are the best value for a permanent option available in dentistry, and now is the perfect time to consider them!

Dental Implants are titanium or Zirconia posts that are biocompatible with the body. They are surgically implanted into the jawbone, and the bone is stimulated to wrap around the implant to hold it into place. The implant is then restored with a dental crown to act and look like a tooth and complete the Patient's smile!

The process of receiving a Dental Implant from start to finish is relatively simple, all you need to do is to make an appointment with us, Dr. Leif L, our Implants Specialist comes in our office once a month, abd we'll schedule your appointment.

As with natural teeth, Implant restorations require proper oral hygiene to protect the health of the patient and the smile. They do not require any special care, only regular cleaning appointments and check-ups and can last a lifetime when maintained at Aliso Viejo Dental's standards. Patients who have considered Dental Implants are extremely satisfied with the results and functionality of their new restoration. How much do Dental Implants cost? It depends on different factors, and part might be covered by certain insurance plans, please call for a consultation and a quote and see if you can make No Interest monthly payments with CareCredit.
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Dental Implants are permanent
Can you tell the difference between real teeth and Implants? They both look great but implants are permanent! Contact us
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